The Empire fell two generations ago. In the intervening years a void of power has grown. City-states have grown from the old centers of power and government but chaos is still the rule. Behind their walls the cities grow and continue on, but outside of the keeps danger lurks and the wilderness has retaken much of what was conquered.

The human city-states dot the territory of the former empire. Integrated into the human communities are small groups of halflings. A few dwarven strongholds remain in the Northern Mountain Range. Since the fall of the empire the Elves have withdrawn to parts unknown and have little contact with the other races. Orcs raiders populate the West but are held in check by the Shield Wall and the men and dwarves who man it. Gnome mounds are common in the hill country. Travelers outside these outposts of civilization must be wary and armed, for neither wits nor swords will be enough to ensure finishing a journey.

Monday Nights II, the new Saga